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Manufactured using a structural matrix within the composite, Capvond Composites Storm Shield Sills are designed for fast efficient installation and long term protection against water ingress from capillary action, driving rain and frost/freeze damage.

Consultants from Luciden, one of UK leading test houses, and the preferred testing house for the NHBC, described the design and structure of Capvond Composites Storm Shield Sill as "the missing link" in protection against the elements, particularly in many areas of the UK susceptible to prolonged periods of wet and freezing weather.

Cast composite storm shield sills

Designed to form an apron extending well below the sealing point of the sill and the substrate, Capvond Composites Storm Shield Sills prevent water ingress from driving rain and capillary action, by creating a drip point away from the wall and below the joint. With a porosity of 0.2%, ice will form on the sill, not in it, further preventing flaking and degradation from "Frost/Freeze" conditions. Providing the builder and the homeowner a long term solution to a traditional problem. Frost resistant - will not deteriorate from frost damage typical in precast concrete, brick and precast stone.

All our sills are manufactured with the colour throughout, with the same composite used during manufacture all the way through. Veneers are only used with heavier stone cast composites such as granite; where natural raw materials such as crushed granite are incorporated within the moulding system, in order to reduce weight and cost. All our Cast Composite copes can also be made in a base grey colour for overpainting on site.

Our veneer moulding system will not compromise the bond between the veneer and the cast composite substrate, as all moulding is completed within the product moulding system and with the same bonding composite.

Storm shield sills in base grey - prepared for delivery and ready to paint on site

Cast composite storm shield sills grey

2 pack polyurethane paints are consider the most durable, but all paints will adhere to Capvond Composites Cast Composite Sills. During the manufacturing process the cast composite sills in base grey are sanded and prepared for future painting. Please contact us if further advice is required - telephone 0141 876 9000.

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