Housebuilding // Standard sills

Manufactured in any cross section size to suit your build, standard sills can be fitted during the build program, or retro fitted once the build, including the windows, is complete.

Lightweight and easy to handle, these cast composite sills can simply be bonded in place and sealed using a quality building mastic, and can be fitted from inside or outside the window as the conditions allow.

Sizes of up to 2.4m reduce joints and provide a cutting edge finish to the build and eradicate drip spots, commonlt associated with mortar joints below the sill.

Supplied in a wide range of finished RAL and B.S. colours, including our multicoloured Buff Sandstone and Red Sandstone, Cotswold, Ashlar, Slate, Portland and Concrete. Capvond Composite Sills can simply be wiped clean of any mastic or mortar without staining or marking, even if the product has a moulded textured surface.

Cast composite standard sills

Standard sills with a height of 100mm at the rear and 55mm at the front, and a depth of 195mm, weigh approximately 22kg depending on the Cast Composite matrix used. Typical concrete sills of the same dimensions will weigh in excess of 70kg, meaning that a sill of 2.4m in length will require up to four separate concrete sill pieces, increasing labour, time and cost. Higher density stone sills such as granite and slate will weigh even more and require more mechanical handling.

Cast composite standard sills

2.4m lengths of the Slimline range, similar to the Eternit range, 200mm wide and 40mm deep weigh only 10kg. These lightweight sills can be carried by one person, from storage to site position, without breaking or cracking, due to the high flexural strength of the Cast Composite matrix.

Compressive strength: 92% as strong as precast concrete in wet conditions. Flexural strength: 283% better than precast concrete.

Can be moulded to more complex shapes and designs than precast concrete or precast stone

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