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Capvond Composites have developed innovational products designed for the construction and housebuilding industries, where Capvond Composites's Cast Composite products have reduced the carbon footprint, labour costs and building times to a fraction of the cost of traditional building practices. Lightweight and robust, Capvond’s cast composites can be used with traditional or kit built construction and have proved to provide problem solving solutions to otherwise technically challenging issues.

Copes - Sills - Mullions -Mock Lintels - Plaques - Door Surrounds - String Course - Corbels - Chimneys - Cladding

Efficient moulding reduces material mass and weight normally associated with precast concrete and precast stone

Cast Composite Bricks and Stone Chimney Copes

Cast Composite copes and bricks provide a lightweight durable option to traditional materials. Reducing the handling weight and the additional weight on the roof structure, Cast Composites bricks and copes with a porosity of less than 0.2% also eradicate degradation through frost damage. These false brick chimney products are supplied completely finished including leadwork and pointing, and can also be manufactured in a Class 1 Fire retardant composite with real clay pots for wood burning stoves.

Chimney fitting instructions

Download the following manuals to help with fitting your chimney. Chimney fitting instructions introduction (Word), General fitting (pdf), Chimney A fitting (pdf), Chimney C fitting (pdf).

Gable end chimney fitting systems are available to suit building methods.

Cast Composite Bricks and Stone Chimney Copes

Our Cast Composite bricks are manufactured from moulds taken from real bricks, if we don’t have the brick type you require, we will manufacture new moulds from bricks you are using on your project to replicate exactly the texture to the finest detail providing an exact match. Brick samples are also used to provide a reference, in order to replicate the colour and shades of the brick used on site and provide continuity with the false brick chimneys and the bricks used in the build project.

Cast Composite Bricks and Stone Chimney Copes

15mm Cast Composite brick slips provide high impact strength, low porosity and are less than 40% of the weight of traditional brick slips. Fixing and pointing the brick slips using a polyester based mortar, coloured to your specifications completes a fully finished false brick chimney stack.

Reduces labour costs due to Cast Composite's lighter weight and higher flexural strength than that of precast concrete or precast stone

Cast Composite Bricks and Stone Chimney Copes

Lighter, frost resistant, water resistant and with a pre-fitted code 5 lead skirt on all lower elevations and moulded fixing/drainage flanges on the sides (excluding gable false brick chimneys), these false brick chimneys are ready to fit and require no further work prior to tiling or slating.

Fixing to the roof with minimum 100mm weather resistant screws and washers a 100mm centers should take less than 15 minutes, even in wet conditions!

Cast Composite Bricks and Stone Chimney Copes


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