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Ideal for multi-use in traditional built or kit built projects Capvond Composites's Cast Composite Copes provide an ideal solution to problems caused by kit shrinkage and water ingress when using traditional stone copes.

Cast composite balcony walls

Designed to fit over the entire wall and down either side, recurring problems of frost damage and water ingress through capillary action are eliminated. A joggle joint at one end provides further defence against water penetration, and allows the copes to be cut to size at the opposite end for fitting in shorter lengths to complete the job.

Cast composite balcony walls

Apex copes, crow's feet and decorative end features are all available to incorporate into the design, in the colour and texture to suit your project.

Cast composite decorative features

Manufactured in lengths of 800mm with a 40mm slip joint, a typical cope with an overall length of 840mm, width of 430mm and a depth of 110mm weighs 11kg. Capvond Composites have a wide range of widths and heights available from stock moulds and will manufacture moulds to suit individual projects specifications.

"Great to work with and so easy to use and cut, I even used a handsaw!
They're also so easy to clean once the job is finished."

Stewart Cassidy. S. Cassidy Joinery, Dumfries

Capvond Composites's Cast Composites will also take a screw fixing directly into the Cast Composite moulding!

Only two mechanical fixings at only one end of every cope will interlock an entire gable. A complete gable elevation consisting of 10 copes and one apex, can be fully fitted by one person in under four hours, vastly reducing labour costs, handling costs, health and safety concerns and the carbon footprint normally associated with fitting heavy stone at height.

Cast composite fixing

Mono-pitched, dual pitched and flat copes, are available and can be made to sizes to suit your requirements.

Cast composite fixing

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