Bespoke Mouldings // Submarine Valve Covers, H.M.S. Astute

When Capvond Composites were approached by The Royal Navy based in Faslane to produce submarine valve covers, various technical challenges had to be achieved.

Originally H.M.S. Astute had asked for a GRP Composite moulding which could be quickly accessed if required. They also asked for a 30mm thickness round the circumference. Both aspects of the design were better achieved using as Cast Composite moulding; not only to provide the specifications, but also to provide a more cost effective alternative.

HMS Astute Submarine Valve Covers

The 6mm thick Cast Composite centre provides the fast access specified by H.M.S Asute, but also provides flexural and compressive strength, despite its minimal thickness. The 30mm deep perimeter frame provides the density and strength, which would have been prone to distortion if a GRP Composite layup moulding system had been used.

Cast Composites can provide thickness and strength without distortion, faster and more efficiently than standard GRP Composites, and it was for this reason Capvond Composites suggested Cast Composite would be a better alternative.

Our new Cast Composite valve covers now add to the wide uses of Capvond Composites products throughout the UK.

HMS Astute Submarine Valve Covers

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