Architectural Features // Shandon, Rhu

Designed by multi award winning Glasgow architects McInnes Gardner, "Shandon" in the village of Rhu, won the "Herald" award for best individual house built in Scotland for 2013.

This stunning home overlooking the Gare Loch wouldn't look out of place in 1960's California or modern day Miami, a clean, sharp impressive home with a gentle nod towards the designs of renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose Los Angeles villas have inspired architects worldwide.

Alastair McInnes of McInnes Gardner Architects utilized his local knowledge of the surrounding area and the views from the property, to create a design that has been lauded by his peers, his clients and the judges of the many awards this development has won.

Detail in design has been the key driving factor for the many plaudits McInnes Gardner have won.

Shandon, Rhu

One of the many striking features of the house is the design of the rainscreen panels which have been reflected not only externally but also internally with the central fireplace in the living area.

The design of these panels - a decorative device to give some relief to the plainer walls, was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, to look like weathered concrete panels. In the special 100th anniversary addition of Homes and Interiors Scotland, Alastair McInnes gave the following comments;

"Concrete was too heavy" explained Alastair "so we looked at Jesmonite, a weatherproof plaster, but it was very expensive and still weighed a lot. Almost at the point of giving up, we came across a company in Glasgow called Capvond. The resin they use sets in a couple of hours rather than the days it takes for concrete or Jesmonite to set, and they were able to quickly produce the 60 or 70 panels we required. I wanted it to look like poured concrete so we had to experiment with the density of the mix, to give it the right level of imperfection and colour".

Challenge accepted, Capvond were delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a well renowned architectural practice, little knowing the impact the completion of such a wonderful project would have.

Shandon, Rhu

As Alastair referred to above, a great deal of time was taken to perfect a composite not only to provide a robust panel, but also be able to provide the random, distressed concrete effect he required.

The design itself was unique. Alastair had cleverly captured an abstract plan view of the house, with varying depths and sizes of rectangular blocks, creating a bespoke paneled rainscreen for a bespoke house.

Shandon, Rhu

Weighing only 6kg, the 1050mm x 455mm panels, with a maximum thickness of 50mm depending on the detail, Capvond's Cast Composite panels were lightweight and able to be fitted by one person.

Shandon, Rhu

Using stainless steel brackets and mastic bonding, the panels were secured to the vertical wall, and fully supported during the curing time of the mastic. Within 24hrs the rainscreen was fully bonded and the design impact fully realized. Contrast between the full height glazed windows and the random pattern of the panels, creates impact and movement as Alastair designed.

From concept drawings to completion, the following pictures show the architects impressions and the final results.

Shandon, Rhu, Artist Impression
Shandon, Rhu
Shandon, Rhu, Artist Impression
Shandon, Rhu

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