Architectural Features // Replication Stone Ridging from the 17th Century

Traditional stone ridging, particularly the size and shape of the ones shown, manufactured for a castle in Scotland, were over 40kg in weight and took two people to lift. Lifting access to the roof could only be carried out by Hiab or crane making the operation hazzardous and expensive.

These "new" cast composite replicas weigh 11kg and can be lifted by one person to the roof. Fitted using traditional materials such as mortar or mechanical fixings with polyurethane mastic to seal the joints. These lightweight Cast Composite copes have provided an enormous saving in cost, and increased the health and safety of the fitters.

Replication Stone Ridging

The flexible mould produced to manufacture the stone ridging was moulded from an original stone ridge taken from the castle. Every detail of aging and flaws in the stone were replicated in the new lightweight "stone" mouldings to provide modern alternative to a 400 year old product.

Cast in a single operation within a semi closed mould ensured a fast production process, keeping costs to a minimum.

"T" sections were manufactured by using templates to cut a single straight 900mm length into two pieces 500mm and 400mm long using an angle grinder, these were then bonded to form the 400mm arrow shaped perpendicular section into the pre-cut center of the 500mm length. Capvond's Cast Composite mouldings can all be cut, routered and machined with standard tools used on site.

Replication Stone Ridging

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