Capvond's Cast Composite Solutions

Unique moulding systems are designed for every Cast Composite product to accommodate design texture and size, this provides a seamless, high detail moulding with clean sharp edges and high quality finished surface.

Textures can be created or taken from stone, timber, aggregate, metal, plastics and most hard materials. A variety of mould materials are used to suit the texture and design of the product, in addition to split moulds and closed moulds, to produce high quality high detail Cast Composite products.

Formulation of casting composites for all Cast Composite mouldings are developed to suit the design and specifications of the mouldings; incorporating additional strength where required, and further reducing weight, using ultra lightweight fillers, Cenospheres, recycled fillers, and high quality resins sourced worldwide.

Additional filament strengthening is introduced where a high strength to weight ratio is necessary. Stainless steel fixings are incorporated within the composite, or bonded to the finished product where hidden or additional fixing points are required.

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